Statistical translation system front and back end, developed for a university project. The source code is, of course, open, located here. Currently, it's Hebrew to English, and no other languages planned at the moment. swooboo

NetHack v3.6.0

The new NetHack is here! The game is one of the best RPG games to this day, even though it's in text mode, without any fancy bells and whistles of the modern games, it remains one of the few games that have near-infinite replay-ability. You can bash monsters with other monsters, which might have certain special effects on the said monsters, train your pet to steal stuff for you, solve Sokoban levels, embark on epic quests, and even - have sex! You heard it! And it feels good, but also comes with many perils. Guys, this is the game to play! You can try it out here, or just telnet to and play on one of the popular servers for the game. (The registration is mandatory, but there's not even email confirmation.) The game has been in development for nearly 30 years (!), and it's still actively developed by the great Dev team. It's of the rouge-like genre, and is recommended for anyone who ever enjoyed a good RPG. Moreover, it's one of the descendants of most (or all) the modern RPG games out there. Blizzard even allegedly admitted, that without Rogue and Nethack, there would not be Diablo. If you do decide to embark on an adventure, beware - there is no save-and-return, so if you die - it's permanent. You can save the progress to continue later, but never load an earlier save to make up for the recent death. Also, know that it's a game that's insanely hard to finish unspoiled, so get ready to read about the secrets of the game. I do try going unspoiled, but in my five years of playing, I never once came close to finish. swooboo


Heritage Equals Retro Interpreting Text Adventure Game Engine. HERITAGE is a text adventure file format and game engine. You can get a taste of this here, and the game is currently being developed, so expect more in the future! The game developer's page is located here. swooboo

Red Eclipse

I'm running a Red Eclipse server. This FPS is definitely worth checking out! The server is named "Red Pie". When you install the game, search for it when connecting online. swooboo


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